Compensation and optimization of employer’s costs

Our Advisory team advises you on how to control/budget/optimize the costs of your mobile talent compensation with the help of our Smart Expatriation calculator.

Helping you define optimized expatriation packages

Attracting and retaining talent
is one of the many issues facing companies today. Expatriate assignments and, more broadly, international mobility are among the most effective ways to enhance the value of your employees' work, increase their skills, and implicitly retain them.

The question of compensation in the context of international mobility is one of the key points that must be addressed. Cost of living and ability to retain savings is key. For the employer, it must lead to a global reflection on the control of salary, social, and tax costs.

To achieve this difficult but necessary balance between attractive remuneration and cost optimization, our Advisory team takes advantages of the complementary experience of its multidisciplinary consultants. It supports you with detailed studies that meet both your IM policy and your cost control objectives, leveraging our Smart Expatriation compensation calculator.

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What is Smart Expatriation?

Smart Expatriation is an innovative online calculation tool that we have created to meet the needs of HR departments and employees. It gathers a set of updated data that allows us to determine the equivalent remuneration of an employee in the host country: cost of living, housing budget, taxes, social contributions, etc.

On this realistic basis, we can then define your expatriation packages and estimate the cost of your assignments.

Package calculation

Defining an expatriation salary package is a complex process that involves analyzing reliable and up-to-date data. We use our Smart Expatriation online calculator to recommend compensation packages in line with your international mobility policy or tailored to your needs based on our own data.

Our experts will propose the best compensation approach, adapted to your strategy and policies. They will also assist you in developing a customized package calculation methodology, adapted to your company's organization, to the context of your mobility projects, as well as to the organization of your international mobility department.

We also offer you the possibility of combining this methodology with the use of our calculator in complete autonomy if you have the expertise in-house, without the need for specific support.

You will be able to perform your own package calculations, and your employer cost calculations and make your own estimates by including:

  • Cost of living differential (COLA) indices,
  • Housing budget/cost,
  • Social security and tax differentials.

Our Outbound division collects this information from our foreign partners to update the data in our calculator, thus giving you the possibility of comparing different remuneration approaches depending on home/host countries combination.

Interface calculateur en ligne Smart Expatriation

Calculating the employer cost of an expatriation

Our Smart Expatriation calculator provides an overview of the costs of international mobility, including employer costs. The latter is sometimes difficult to estimate due to the different statuses of mobile employees (seconded, local, local+, TCN) and the corresponding social and tax charges.

With Smart Expatriation, we offer you solutions to optimize your costs on more than 3,000 country combinations and to advise you on the remuneration of international transfers. We can help you define expatriation or secondment compensation packages, as well as calculate your employer costs, with a 1 to 5-year cost projection.

We can also compare the employer's cost according to two hypotheses and establish a synthesis of the social and fiscal optimizations that can be envisaged (application of special regimes for inbound). Our recommendations are delivered in personalized reports, with supporting explanations.

We can also assist you in setting up your payroll (split payroll, dual contracts, shadow payroll, EOR wage, etc.) to help you control compensation management on an international scale and standardize your processes with a view to reducing costs.