Global Partnership Network

Helma International can assist your employees with their global mobility needs all over the world thanks to a network of reliable partners selected and monitored by our dedicated team.

Service Quality Guarantee

Complex immigration procedures, diverse tax and labour laws, and unique cultural specificities... International mobility can indeed be a challenge and one that requires support from domain experts.
But whom should you contact in the host country? How can you be sure of the quality of service from a local expert? How can you effectively monitor the case status of your talent mobility?

Helma International can help simplify your talent mobility management. We leverage our trusted, certified international partners who specialize in different aspects of international mobility. These partners are certified in their fields and are trained by our Partnership team to adhere to and meet customer requirements in more than 90 countries

About the Partnership Department

Our Partnership team works out of our India office. They are dedicated to searching, shortlisting, training, and onboarding global partners. To ensure smooth performance between HELMA’s internal team and external partners, the Partnership department has implemented robust communication and work processes.

In an endeavour towards continuous improvement, the Partnership team adheres to ISO 9001 and EuRA quality standards for premium support in all countries.

To facilitate your talent mobility, HELMA’s internal team remains your single point of contact and coordinates the cases with our entrusted partners, providing regular reports to you.

Equipe dédiée aux partenaires internationaux

Our network of global partners

Our presence in industry associations and networks such as EuRA, ERC, FEM, SNPRM, Bienvenue to name a few, allows us to have privileged long-term, contractual relationships with global mobility specialists across the world.

Our network is made up of more than 300 partners in more than 90 countries. It is also through this network that we collect reliable and local data to feed our Smart Expatriation compensation calculator. 

Depending on the nature of the case and the needs of your employees, we choose from this network the most qualified experts to accompany you in the host country. Our partners can accompany you on wide-ranging queries:

  • Immigration
  • Relocation
  • Employment law
  • EOR services
  • Tax
  • Payroll management
  • Household goods move
  • Cross-cultural training

Becoming a Helma International partner: a rigorous process

ISO 9001 certification or an EuRA Quality Seal is one of the key requirements for our selection process when we choose international partners to meet our quality requirements.


We have a rigorous process for shortlisting and on-boarding partners. In addition to obtaining references from credible third parties (clients, professional networks, certification bodies), we verify their accreditations and financial stability. We negotiate advantageous rates for you and then sign a GDPR-compliant partnership agreement.


We then train them on our internal practices and on KPIs predefined with our clients. We have standardized templates and reporting tools to ensure a smooth coordination process for the varied queries of our clients. We closely monitor each case entrusted to our partners.


We evaluate the performance of our partner, and once a year, we send a questionnaire to HELMA’s operations team to provide feedback on our partners. The partners are then rated, and only the best ones remain referenced in our database.

Devenir partenaire d'Helma International

Streamlined and Strategic Coordination

To simplify your international mobility management, our Outbound department remains your single point of contact (SPOC) throughout a case. We coordinate with partners throughout the world and maintain a centralized management for your case files. By acting as your intermediary with our partners, you receive timely and relevant answers.

We identify service providers in the countries where your employees will be traveling that are a good fit for your needs, and then we initiate the assignment with our local partners. We monitor the progress of the project down to the smallest detail. We provide you with regular reports on the progress of your international mobility projects for all your employees' destinations.