Tenancy Management

We intervene on behalf of your company to facilitate the installation of your employees in their new accommodation while simplifying the management of your rental costs.

During an international mobility project, financial guarantees and payment deadlines are crucial to ensure that your employees have rapid access to accommodation. However, payment processes can be lengthy in multinational companies, and the absence of a guarantee can compromise your employees' real estate transactions.

To help you gain reactivity, simplify the financial management of your international mobility projects and reassure your employees, Helma proposes to intervene on your behalf thanks to various property management and relocation assistance services called Expense & Tenancy Management.

With these services, Helma acts temporarily as bank for your company and your employees. We advance the costs related to the accommodation in order to offer an immediate financial guarantee to the real estate actors, but also to the other actors of actors of your employees (schools, translators, etc.). We also provide rental management and assistance in the event of an incident in the accommodation.

Thanks to our services, you benefit from agile solutions to finance the installation of your employees. You are relieved of real estate issues and your mobility files are completed more quickly. You gain peace of mind, and so do your employees.

Management of the payment of agency fees & security deposit

When your employees settle in their new country, it is common that administrative delays or internal company procedures prevent the payment of certain fees on time.

But to ensure that you get an accommodation, you have to pay quickly or the transaction will fail. The entire real estate search process must then be started over. To compensate for the delays in payment by the real estate agencies, we propose to pay on your behalf:

  • The agency fees,
  • The security deposit,
  • The first month's rent.

This cash advance is part of our services on arrival for a quick and smooth installation of your employees. With this flexible service, you save time, money, and you outsource the management of the rental fees in all serenity.

Gestion de paiement des frais locatifs salariés expatriés

Payment of rent and charges

In addition to the services we provide when your employees arrive, we can continue to support your company with a long-term rental management service. We take care of all payments related to the housing of your employees, such as

  • The payment of rents and charges,
  • The expenses of inventory of fixtures,
  • Housing insurance.

To relieve your company of the burden of property management, we can also take care of the administrative and accounting follow-up of these expenses, as well as the relations with the different interlocutors (lessors, real estate agencies, service providers...).

Cash advance

For your company to gain agility in its payment process and to reassure your employees in their installation, we propose to advance us funds at the very beginning of the mobility project so that we manage the payment of certain expenses autonomously:

  • The immediate advance of housing expenses,
  • The first installment of tuition fees,
  • Translation fees,
  • Tax adjustment, etc.

We can work with your financial department to explore different options such as setting up a working capital fund to finance these expenses. We report to you on the use of the funds in a detailed monthly report.

maison en papier avec pièce de monnaie et tirelire ainsi qu'une calculatrice et en fond un contrat papier


Water damage, broken lock, breakdown of household appliances... It is not uncommon for problems related to housing to occur in the daily life of your newly installed employees. We are at their side until the problem is solved thanks to our Helpline. We will quickly dispatch one of our trusted partners to the site to deal with the problem efficiently.

You can subscribe to our helpline service for several months or the entire duration of the assignment; within this time frame, you assign a monthly flat rate to your employee to deal with housing-related incidents. You can also choose to pay per use of the service.

Monthly reporting

To allow you to easily manage all your Tenancy Management expenses and keep your accounting up to date, we provide you with a detailed monthly report that summarizes all of the expenses that Helma has incurred on your behalf.

This report can be established at your convenience by the employee, by expense item, by project, etc. At any time and upon simple request, you have access to our accounting books dedicated to your Tenancy Management account to launch an audit.

Reporting mensuel des dépenses engagées par Helma

Helma International: your company's relocation partner

Our Relocation department is committed to helping your employees settle in and make a positive contribution to your company's development. Thanks to our agile Expense & Tenancy Management services, you will benefit from a complete and high-quality support in rental management.
Don't hesitate to ask your Helma contact for more information: we are at your disposal to provide you with a fast and efficient solution.