Risk Management – Immigration Consulting

Benefit from the expertise of Helma International's immigration consultants to fine-tune your mobility policy according to your international talent needs.

Helping you recruit international talent

For human resources departments, welcoming a foreign employee in France prompts many questions:

  • Which suitable immigration status?
  • Is this in line with the company's IM policy?
  • What are the consequences in terms of social security?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • How to comply with labor law?
  • How long does the immigration process take?

Professional immigration is a complex subject that requires the mastery of several specialties. Labor and foreigners' law, taxation, legislation of the employee's country of origin ...

You need to know the intricacies of these specialized disciplines in order to anticipate the problems raised by international recruitment.

To assist you on professional immigration, Helma has assembled a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers in its Immigration Department, capable of advising you on improving your mobility policy and on all aspects of the immigration of a foreign employee.

Accompagnement recrutement de talents à l'international

Compliance and practices Audits

When a mobility policy is already in place in the company, it is important to verify its effectiveness, as well as its legal compliance. We conduct practice and compliance audits in order to analyze your professional immigration strategy:

  • Detailed review of your practices with regard to legal and regulatory developments in France and to abroad,
  • Diagnosis of your company's practices and/or compliance,
  • Recommendations to optimize your international recruitment process from a legal standpoint,

Our legal team remains available at your disposal for any question on professional immigration. We offer support services customized to your needs ensuring your immigration process is fully compliant.

Audit des pratiques et de compliance en matière d'immigration professionnelle

Analysis and optimization

Professional immigration triggers serious risks that can be mastered by an in-depth study upstream of the project. As external expert consultants, we objectively analyze the processes in place for the recruitment of foreign talent and verify their legal compliance.

Our analysis is entirely personalized and can cover your entire mobility policy as well as specific points, notably the employee's status. Whether it is a local contract or a secondment, we help you choose the most appropriate salary status for your project and the candidate's personal situation.

We provide you with detailed information on the regulatory and legal constraints to be respected (social protection, salary, etc.), and on the means to optimize your project. Thus, you will accelerate your decision-making process and optimize costs, to make your project succeed.

Advice on foreign law

Foreigners' law has specific features that must be taken into account when recruiting foreign talent. Different provisions apply depending on the nature of the employee's employment contract, for obtaining a residence permit, a work permit, and the opening of social security rights.

We have legal experts in foreigners' law to advise you on the steps to take depending on the situation of your employee and to on your obligations as an employer of foreign talent.

In conjunction with the legal experts of the Advisory department, we also carry out personalized studies for service providers not established in France to assist in the immigration procedures for seconded employees or under a local employment contract in a French or foreign company.


Helma International's Immigration Department is your partner in the recruitment process of foreign talent. In order to answer all your questions regarding professional immigration and compliance, we organize training sessions to provide answers to HR departments seeking information on immigration procedures and risk management in the context of international recruitment.

Whether it is a simple presentation of the best practices to adopt or a detailed focus on the points that need to be addressed, our legal experts will assist you in all legal issues related to professional immigration:

  • Determination of the most appropriate immigration category,
  • Organization from the moment the employee welcomed,
  • Obtaining the appropriate work permit/visa and fulfill post arrival steps,
  • Compliance with procedural deadlines, etc.
Formations procédures d'immigration professionnelle

Customized support in risk management and immigration consulting

To keep your international recruitment on track, we offer simple, concrete, and measurably effective support solutions:

  • A single contact person dedicated to your project: familiar with your company's practices and your IM policy, he/she coordinates the various parties involved to simplify exchanges.
  • More than 30 years of reliable, regularly updated, quality legal consulting experience, validated by professional associations of IM consultants.
  • An outsourced management platform that is entirely secure and GDPR compliant: you can share and download confidential documents with us and measure the progress of your case in real-time. (Link to MI management platform page)