IM Management Platform:

Our solution for managing your international mobility

Our management platform allows you to track the mobility of your talent while analyzing the relevance and performance of your MI policy. In your quest for simplicity and clarity in managing the assignments of your mobile talent, it provides you with an overview of all your current assignments.

With Smart Expatriation, in addition to our management platform, you get a complete ecosystem of decision support tools that will put your MI policy at the forefront of performance.

Employee section

Your employee has personal access to the platform, enabling him to follow the various stages of his mobility and enter all the information required for his relocation and that of his family. They can also consult the tasks assigned to them or to one of our consultants. The platform also enables you to keep track of important deadlines in your move (documents to be submitted, visa to be renewed, etc.).

This is also where your employee can share documents with our departments. He uploads copies of his documents (passport, ID card, etc.), and our consultant sends him the documents he needs for his mobility in complete security.

Espace salarié de la plateforme

HR department

Your HR or International Mobility department has access to a wealth of data from its dedicated space. Just like the employee, it has an overview of each stage of the mobility process. It can also consult the information sent to our teams by your employees, and of course initiate a new mobility file.

You can easily communicate with your employees and our teams to facilitate exchanges. You can also generate and download customized reports from your space, enabling you to analyze and optimize your international mobility policy with a view to performance.

Espace RH de la plateforme

Real-time assignment tracking

At any time, you can follow the progress of your current assignments in real time. The platform is a workflow tool that works on a system of tasks that everyone completes, and whose progress you can see. All information is centralized, so you never miss a step in the mobility process. No lost documents, no forgotten or untransmitted elements - everyone's "in the loop"!

Secure documents exchange

International mobility projects involve many confidential documents. A download area enables all those involved to exchange documents in a totally secure virtual environment. This enables our experts to quickly obtain and transmit the documents needed to move a project forward.

Security has been integrated into the design of our digital platform to guarantee the confidentiality of your information:

  • Information transit via secure HTTPS protocol,
  • Virtual public cloud with various firewalls,
  • User login with a unique identifier and password.

Security and compliance

The digitalization of processes means that data must be more secure, which is why the security of your data and the confidentiality of our exchanges are our top priorities. We are totally transparent about the methods we use to store, process and protect your data. All data is encrypted to control the risk of cyber-attacks.

Our digital platform is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant meeting international information security management standards.

Sécurité et conformité RGPD de la plateforme digitale