Administrative formalities

Helma International's Immigration Department provides immigration services for many years. Our experts carry out all the procedures related to obtaining work and residence permits, as well as translation and legalization of documents.

Professional immigration requires expertise in the status of mobile employees and related procedures. A good knowledge of the administrative machinery is also necessary to ensure the rapid completion of complex files.

Helma International is your partner in the recruitment process of foreign employees. We set up and follow the immigration files at each step of the process, until the official documents are obtained, in order to simplify this often tedious and time-consuming task for an HR department.

Assistance with all immigration procedures

During a mobility project, there are specific deadlines to be met to complete the administrative formalities, and these are often very short before the employee immigrates. In France, the procedures are complex and it takes 2 to 4 months to obtain or renew a residence permit.

Contact us in advance of your project to facilitate the mobility of your talents! We will take care of the different procedures and advise you to anticipate your deadlines with complete peace of mind.

Accompagnement démarches d'immigration professionnelle

Internship Visa

We assist companies in submitting internship agreement with the relevant authorities, and future interns in their application for an internship visa at the home country consulate.

Work permit / Visa

To ensure compliance, we assist your employee in applying for a work visa/permit at the consulate in their home country.

We collect all the necessary documents and then apply for the work permit/visa on behalf of your company, where possible.

We follow the file until the work permit/visa is delivered.

Validation of visa and Residence permit

We assist employees in obtaining their residence permit and the formalities required upon arrival in the host country. For example, we carry out all the necessary administrative formalities following the arrival of an employee in France:

  • Validation of a long-stay visa with residence permit (VLS-TS)
  • First application for a multi-annual residence permit: Passport Talent, ICT seconded employee
  • Resident card
  • Residence permit for accompanying family: Talent Family Passport, ICT Family Seconded Employee, ICT Family Trainee
  • Renewal of a residence permit and/or Work permit extensions

We provide equivalent services in all countries through our subsidiaries or network of partners such as in China with Z Visa, in India with Employment Visa (E visa), in Germany with the Arbeitserlaubnis…

Validation de visa et carte de séjour

Residence permit for accompanying family

We also take care of the administrative formalities concerning the residence permits of the family members accompanying the employee. For example, in France:

  • Family Passport Talent F
  • Family ICT
  • Circulation document for minor children, etc.
Titre de séjour pour famille accompagnante

Change of status

Do you have an intern that you wish to hire? Do you want to hire a student? Is your talent's family situation changing?

Thanks to our expertise in the different statuses, we can assist you in the necessary steps to change the immigration status.

Assistance with local authorities

We maintain privileged relationships with the government authorities managing immigration, which allows us to simplify procedures.

In France, for example, the Prefectures or sub-Prefectures (depending on the employee's place of residence) may ask for different proofs of identity, and sometimes cause significant delays in the processing of files.

In all countries, we are at your side to guide your employees through the procedure and obtain answers as quickly as possible.

Accompagnement auprès des autorités gérant l'immigration

Legalizations, apostilles and translations

Marriage certificates, birth certificates, diplomas... We can legalize or apostille all types of original documents. We also coordinate the sworn translation of your official documents with our certified partners.

Follow your immigration formalities in one click!

Simple, fast, and secure Helma's management platform allows employees and HR to follow the progress of their files throughout the immigration process. You can also upload all the supporting documents required in a secure and GDPR way.

If you have any questions, you can contact your immigration consultant (SPOC) via our chat.