Outbound Management

Helma International by your side for all your Mobility needs!

Due to the complexity that arises from managing talent mobility across countries, companies often engage the services of international mobility specialists. Having said that, companies want to ensure that there’s consistency in the quality of services provided by such IM (international mobility) specialists.

With Helma International, you can rest assured that your talent will have the necessary guidance and support anywhere in the world and with the same level of quality. Through our active participation in various networks such as EuRA, ERC, and others, we have cultivated connections with over 300 established, reliable, and accredited partners spanning across more than 90 countries. This extensive network empowers our Outbound department to consistently deliver a service of exceptional quality, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Our Outbound Team with you all the way!

We have an expert team exclusively focused on the meticulous selection and vigilant monitoring of our international partners. Our extensive network comprises highly qualified domain experts, providing invaluable guidance for your international assignments.

Our Outbound team remains your single point of contact (SPOC) for liaising with each of our partners involved in the mobility of your Talent. Our Partnership department has been certified ISO 9001 and EuRA Global Quality Seal for our robust selection process and the management of our partners.

équipe experte à la sélection et suivi de partenaires internationaux

Coordination with our Partner Network for Case Management

We have a worldwide network of more than 300 partners, with whom we often have long-standing relationships. From this network, we select the best local experts to support your employees in their international mobility. Our objectives are simple:

  • To find partners who match your needs and those of your talents,
  • To guarantee you receive the same quality of service throughout the world,
  • Negotiate the best rates for you.

Our partners are chosen based on their experience in international mobility: compensation, tax, social security, immigration, relocation, labour law and more.

We verify their references, accreditations, and financial stability to ensure their legitimacy and compliance in the country in which they operate. Once selected, we sign a partnership agreement that includes GDPR standards and protocol.

Then, we offer them training on our internal practices, our quality expectations and the predefined KPIs of our clients. We coordinate and monitor the assignments entrusted to them. Their performance is evaluated every year so that we can support you in all countries with outstanding services and a consistent level of quality.

Outsourced outbound services

You can entrust us with reliable and robust management of your talent mobility. We coordinate with our partners to offer you:

  • Outbound Immigration Services
  • Outbound Relocation Services
  • Outbound Advisory Services

Whether you are a large company or an SME, we understand the challenges that an employer encounters when expanding internationally. Overseeing the complexities of IM, legal issues, immigration procedures, the relocation of your employees in host country to name a few. You can rely on our Outbound team to advise you on your IM policy to effectively coordinate the mobility of your assignees.

Nos équipes Outbound vous conseille dans votre politique MI

Helma International awarded for process quality

We are regularly audited by organizations that have high standards for customer service and overall quality, which has resulted in several national and international awards:

  • Magellan Circle Labels in IM Outsourcing
  • EcoVadis silver rating for the quality of our CSR practices
  • EuRA (European Relocation Association) global quality label
  • ISO 9001 standard since 2014.