Risk management, audit and policy

Our Advisory team assists you in defining or improving your IM policy in order to anticipate the risks inherent to international mobility.

Anticipating the risks of international mobility

Sending employees abroad or welcoming talent in France can be particularly complex in terms of the different legislations relating to labor, taxation, social protection, etc.

Defining an international mobility policy adapted to all contexts, taking into account the specificities of each assignment and the personal situation of the talent, becomes very difficult, as does keeping up to date with the latest legislative changes once this policy has been established. The risk of being non-compliant and multiplying unnecessary costs is therefore important.

Helma International's Advisory department advises you on all aspects of international mobility. Our consultants are experts with complementary profiles to cover the entire spectrum of IM. They come from different backgrounds and have worked for several years in multinational companies as IM managers or within the "Big Four". Experience, pragmatism, and the ability to understand your needs are their assets.

Our team performs detailed audits to help you assess the performance of your IM policy and meet your compliance obligations. We also work on the review and improvement of your policies, and we accompany you with targeted and personalized studies. Our goal? To establish a partnership with you for relevant operational support in your international business development strategy.

Compliance audit

After discussing your policy/strategy and your management practices for internationally mobile employees, we first study all your expatriates' files in order to identify the risks of non-compliance.

Then, we come up with recommendations in order of priority in all areas (legal, social security, tax):

  • Quick wins, presenting the priority actions that are going to make a huge difference for your company and easy to implement quickly,
  • Major and minor projects, to prioritize the compliance of certain aspects of your expatriates' files,
  • Best practices, based on our experience and our client benchmark, to help you gain time and rigor in the management of your international mobility.
Audit expatriation

Review, framing and drafting of IM policy

Like the geopolitical context, international mobility policies evolve according to the economic situation and social changes.

Our team carries out permanent monitoring of trends to help you set up a tailor-made IM policy, perfectly adapted to your company's challenges. It can be segmented according to different criteria (talent profile, international strategy, etc.). This way, you can ensure fairness among your employees and avoid exceptions that could create precedents that are difficult to control.

Do you already have a policy? Our expertise allows you to improve it and to update it with current trends, such as international remote work (Work from anywhere).

IM Inhouse Department Audit

International mobility is becoming increasingly complex as it affects different rights, which means that various players within or outside the company must be involved. Is your IM inhouse department well organized and well sized? Are the interactions between the different departments well identified?

Based on our experience, we work with you on the best internal organization corresponding to your strategy, and we develop RACI so that all the actors interact in good understanding, with a governance allowing an adapted risk management.

Réunion audit du service MI

Audit of seconded or expatriate files

Do you have doubts about how to set up the mobility of some of your talents? Are you hesitating between a legal secondment or an expatriation?

Entrust us with the review of these files and we will identify the solution best suited to the context of the mission, in terms of local compliance and employer costs.

International recruitment study

You wish to hire a foreign talent or recruit a French employee directly on a local contract in a subsidiary. What remuneration should you offer him/her to be the most attractive? What about his/her social protection? Do you need to contract an EOR service provider?

We will work with you to find the best solution and provide the benchmarks necessary for your decision.

Recrutement international

Training in MI

Do you want to increase the skills of your teams in certain areas or train your HR staff in international mobility in general? Our Helma Academy curriculum allows you to choose an appropriate course from our catalog or to work together on a customized course.

Our Qualiopi qualification allows you to benefit from reimbursement by your OPCO.