Family support

Assistance for the family of a mobile employee

Because the success of your international mobility projects depends on the overall support of your talents, we offer complete support for their families.

A large proportion of internationally mobile talent expatriates with their family, so the employee's professional project directly affects their spouse and children. Culture shock, loss of reference points, professional questions from the spouse... These situations are potential sources of failure for the mobility project. It is therefore essential to obtain the support of the family and to facilitate their integration into the destination country.

Helma International assists employees and their families in settling into their new country. We know that an expatriation or an international assignment is a source of anxiety and upheaval for a family, which is why we offer tailor-made (customized) services to support them.

We have surrounded ourselves with partners who are experts in assisting, training and coaching of expatriate families to ensure that their needs are taken care of at a premium level. When they are involved, it is your dedicated Helma consultant (RDSC) who coordinates and supervises all services to ensure quality and facilitate the exchanges.

Schooling assistance

During an international mobility, children’s education is a priority for the families. It is a key element both for the well-being of the children and for the success of the employee's mission. In France and as in other countries, the school system is complex due to the variety of educational structures: public school, private school, bilingual school, international school, non-contracted or contracted school, etc.

Aware of the challenges that schooling represents, our relocation consultants are at the side of families to assist them in their search for a school. We advise them and identify schools adapted to the needs of their children.

We look for available places and find out about the admissions process. We organise school visits and registration appointments, during which we accompany the family if they wish. We also offer teenagers the opportunity to be accompanied in their career development by one of our qualified partners.

Mobilité internationale, assistance scolarité des enfants

Accompanying the spouse

The success of an expatriation also depends on the proper integration of the spouse in the employee's mobility project. In fact, the spouse is sometimes obliged to put his or her career and projects on hold, which can jeopardise the family balance and, more generally, the mobility project.

To avoid these pitfalls, we offer personalised support for the spouse in his or her professional or personal project. We choose one of our expert service providers according to the spouse's expectations (employment, associative project, voluntary work, etc.) so that he or she can pursue or achieve his or her projects, and we coordinate the entire service.

Particular care is taken in the spouse's job search thanks to specific coaching by our partner. He will be advised on his career and the definition of his professional project, but also accompanied throughout the recruitment process.

Language courses

It is difficult to integrate when you speak little or no language in the destination country. A better command of the language will give each member of the family confidence in their daily and professional life.

We coordinate the language courses provided by our partners. Their training programmes are customised to suit the skills and needs of each individual. These courses can be provided in addition to intercultural training for a complete integration package for your employee and his/her family.

Intercultural training

Going abroad also means discovering a new culture and a different way of life. Beyond the enthusiasm that such an experience can arouse, it is necessary to anticipate a possible culture shock that could potentially call into question the international mobility project.

We offer support for your employee and his/her family from our partners specialised in intercultural training. We take care of their registration for the chosen training course and supervise the entire service.

The program includes training in several languages (English, French, local language), before departure or on arrival in the host country, to better understand the new cultural context and integrate quickly.

Expatriation : formation interculturelle

Supporting families internationally with our Outbound department

Our family support services know no borders. While our Relocation department handles the integration of your talent's families and coordinates its partners, our relocation services are international.

We work in close collaboration with our Outbound team, which carries out the same relocation missions as we do, thanks to a network of more than 300 carefully selected foreign partners. They coordinate their work, train our partners in our quality requirements and evaluate their skills, so that we can offer your company and your employees high-quality relocation services anywhere in the world.