Business Intelligence:

Improving your process with Helma International

Business Intelligence has become an essential means of strategic analysis and decision support for companies, including those managing international mobility. Obtaining relevant information in real time is essential not only for identifying performance and areas for improvement in your MI policy, but also for anticipating the expectations and needs of your mobile employees.

To speed up your decision-making process and strategically optimize your MI policy, Helma provides you with simple, effective Business Intelligence solutions. These tools are entirely secure to guarantee the confidentiality of your international mobility files. KPIs allow you to measure the performance of our services and the progress of your MI files.

A complete decision support ecosystem with our BI tools

All your data is centralized in our digital management platform. You get spreadsheets that allow you to instantly analyze the strategic data that will facilitate your future decisions.

In addition to the platform, our Smart Expatriation Calculator gives you access to downloadable online reports and accurate projections to help you fine-tune your international compensation policies and optimize your costs.

These BI tools give you an accessible and intuitive view of all your international mobility projects. You'll have all the information you need to develop your international mobility policy and make it more competitive.

Plateforme de gestion digitale, aide à la décision


Our digital management platform allows you to not only track your international mobility files, but also generate reports directly from your dashboard. You can extract the data yourself and instantly visualize the information you need to drive your business forward.

In addition, we can also develop a customized reporting system based on your company's specific needs and the information available on our management platform. This report is generated in Excel format for easy transmission and use by your teams, and is available at intervals adapted to your needs.

KPI Performance tracking

Helma International is ISO 9001 and EuRA Global Quality Seal certified, and complies with our industry's KPIs. We can also set clear SLAs with you, which you can check and measure from our digital management platform.

Several elements are displayed on your dashboard:

  • Confirm new assignment,
  • Contact with expatriate,
  • Response time, etc.
Suivi de performance KPI

Helma BI Solutions : Secure Monitoring

When you generate reports, data is extracted in real time to provide you with the most up-to-date information. Each report is dated and/or has an expiry date. This means you can assess the situation at any time and make the right decisions for your company. Reduce errors and save time when managing the international mobility of your employees.

When you use one of our Business Intelligence solutions, you're operating in a totally secure environment. The integrity of your company and employee data is ensured by permanent data encryption to prevent malicious acts. With Helma's BI solutions, your data is well protected, and your decisions are completely confidential.