Administrative procedures

To ease the installation of your mobile employees, our relocation experts take care of all their administrative procedures.

Simplify the steps involved in settling

For a foreigner, the administrative procedures related to international mobility are often difficult to manage. Opening a bank account, joining social security organizations, exchanging permits... These formalities require organization, time and a good knowledge of the administrative services in the host country.

Helma International is at your side to simplify the administrative procedures related to the installation of your employees. Our Relocation Department will take care of the various steps to be taken to relieve your teams and allow your employees to be freed from administrative burdens. Your talents can thus devote themselves fully to their new functions.

Our consultants have a thorough understanding of the host country system and its sometimes complex procedures. Our administrative expertise and our privileged contacts within the various organizations are assets that will allow for a rapid installation of your employees. A dedicated consultant (RDSC) is available to provide your local support to your employees, and our digital platform allows everyone to follow the progress.

Affiliation to the national social security system

Social protection is an essential part of employee mobility. In France and other countries, it is the responsibility of the employer. We work in synergy with the Advisory department in order to advise you on the steps to be taken to comply.

We analyze the situation of your employee and his family to accompany him efficiently in all the steps of affiliation with Social Security (for example the CPAM in France). We assist with the Social Security number and the Carte Vitale is delivered. Throughout the process, we keep you and your employee informed of the progress of the application via our secure platform.

Affiliation à la sécurité sociale nationale

Registration with the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales

When your employees (except for seconded employees) move to the host country with their families, they may be entitled to various family benefits. In France, the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales pays these benefits (family allowances, childcare benefits, etc.).

We assist your employees in their registration process; we collect the necessary elements to build their files and we inform them of the progress of the procedure via our management platform.

Exchange of driving licenses

In France, foreign nationals from outside the EU and EEA have one year to exchange their driver's license, if a bilateral agreement has been concluded between the country issuing the driver's license and France. Similar measures also exist in other countries.

However, the procedure for exchanging your driver's license for a local driver's license is long and tedious, so it must be taken care of quickly after you have settled in the country. Our relocation consultants will assist your employees in all the steps related to the exchange of their driver's license.

Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account is often a complicated step for your mobile talent. We have developed partnerships with several banks to facilitate the opening of a bank account for your employee before he/she has a permanent address.

We propose to your employee different banks likely to welcome him/her with a minimum of formalities. We organize an appointment with the bank of his choice, and if necessary, we accompany your employee to open his bank account.

Accompagnement mobilité, ouverture de compte bancaire

Coordination of translations

A talent in international mobility is obliged to have certain official documents translated to expatriates (identity documents, marriage certificates, birth certificates, criminal records, diplomas...). Some of these documents are required, for example, for the employee's affiliation to the Social Security system and the exchange of driving licenses.

To Simplify the process for your employees, we coordinate the translation of their official documents with our expert partners in sworn translation.

Legalizations and apostilles

We also take care of the legalization of the documents of your employees in international mobility and the apostille request to the competent autorities abroad and in France (consulates, embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). In this way, you can easily obtain duplicates of any official document thanks to our intervention.

MI platform: our secure tool for your administrative procedures

We have set up a digital platform that complies with RGPD standards to manage your international mobility projects and centralize information.

Thanks to it, your HR department and your employees can
  • Follow the progress of their file(s) in real-time
  • Provide personal information and consult tasks to be carried out,
  • Share and download confidential documents with Helma's various departments,
  • Obtain customized reports... and much more!
Connexion à la plateforme Expateo