Develop your MI skills with Helma Academy

Deepen your knowledge and master the fundamentals of international mobility with our Helma Academy training program.

Expatriating employees, welcoming foreign talent, building a relevant and attractive international mobility policy... For a company, this means having the necessary international mobility skills in-house to be effective. However, employees in charge of managing IM files are confronted with the complexity of this subject, and they need expertise to fulfill their missions.

To make it easier for your teams to manage international mobility, Helma has created Helma Academy, a training program designed to develop your employees' IM skills. Depending on their needs, our training courses cover international mobility in its entirety, or targeted subjects such as immigration, remuneration or taxation. We can also provide customized training tailored to your company's specific needs.

Our International Mobility Trainings

Our international mobility training courses are aimed at all your employees working or wishing to work in a department requiring IM expertise, and more broadly at any person required to manage an expatriation or impatriation file:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • International mobilty Manager
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager
  • Payroll Management, etc.

They enable them to acquire the basics of certain disciplines applied to the specific context of international mobility:

  • Law : Status of mobile employees, labor law...
  • Taxation : tax residency, international agreements...
  • Immigration : different statuses, formalities, best practices...
  • Social Security : Expatriation or secondment in social matters, bilateral agrrements...
  • Compensation : Package calculation, employer costs...

No qualifications are required to take part in our training courses, apart from a particular interest in international mobility !

How does a Helma training course work?

Our MI training courses are modular. They take place over one or two days, depending on the participants' specific or broader needs. They can be held face-to-face at your company, or by videoconference on Teams. They can be given in either French or English by our expert IM trainers.

During a Helma training course, every aspect of international mobility (taxation, social protection, etc.) is covered from a theoretical angle, with practical application through numerous case studies. At the end of the course, a quiz is used to assess the skills acquired.

To adapt to your company's specific needs, we also offer tailor-made international mobility training courses, with content and/or case studies customized to your IM policy and adapted to the reality of your mobility files. Certain aspects of IM can be dealt with in greater detail according to your needs.

Helma Academy : Qualiopi-Certified training courses

Helma International's training courses are Qualiopi certified, an independent label that attests to the legibility of our training offer for companies and individuals. It also recognizes the quality of our training process, and that our content contributes to the development of your employees' skills.

The quality certification has been granted for the following category: TRAINING ACTIVITIES.

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